I’m the Modern Platonist, a religion scholar focusing on the intersection between traditional religion and modernity. With a PhD in history of religion from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales of Paris, I have held research positions at Columbia University, New York University, and Newcastle University.

The Modern Platonist was born as an initiative to provide scholarly content for a wider audience. I cover topics like Platonic theology, Tradition (from an Evolian perspective), metaphysics, Sophia Perennis, and Indo-European religion and spirituality. Paganism is my preferred focus, where I provide thoughts and analyses, but I have also devoted many years to the academic study of Christianity—especially Catholicism and Calvinism—and from time to time I might devote insights on these religious traditions as well.

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As a researcher, as a Traditionalist and as a Platonist, I’m committed to providing scholarly-level articles and lectures available to all audiences. I understand the modern need for knowledge and want to contribute to elevate the public discourse, and the religious and metaphysical literacy. Too often, academic knowledge remains insulated and secluded within the walls of universities, with intricate, specialized jargon. Important discoveries or truths may be prevented from accessing the broad audience. I believe that this academic knowledge needs to be made available. My ultimate goal is to be helpful to those seeking improvement through knowledge.

Some of the content here is exclusive for paid subscribers. It generally consists in series of commentaria to complex metaphysical and theological concepts from the broad Platonic corpus. I offer these commentaria biweekly and they come from the miscellanies I compile and keep from my daily study. Besides this paid content, you will have free access to my YouTube lectures and occasional essays—sometimes in the form of academic preprints o peer-reviewed articles.

At the end of the day, your paid subscription supports my work and shows appreciation for my scholarly dedication, both on Substack and YouTube. With this level of support from the public, the Modern Platonist initiative can continue to exist and provide solace during the age of materialistic modernity and hedonistic nihilism.

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Platonic Theology, Tradition, Metaphysics, Sophia Perennis, Indo-European Religion & Spirituality.


Modern Platonist

The Modern Platonist is a religion scholar, a perennialist and comparativist, and follows the traditionalist school.